AYSO National Tournament in Hawaii 2002

The team that went to Hawaii

At the Airport before we left. The picture was taken by surprise.

When we reached Honolulu, we were greeted with Leis.

Deirdre, Kerry and me pose while waiting to get checked into our rooms.

Ellen is lathering up with Sunscreen about to enjoy our first day in Hawaii.

We all headed for the beach as soon as we could get our swimsuits.  We hoped to get a tan, but we hadn't been laying out long when it got cold and sprinkled.

Shannon and Missy about to go into the warm Hawaiian ocean.

While the rest of us prefer to lay on the beach and hopefully tan.

Every night Scott had us play games that helped with communication or team building.  The first night we had to tell our partners what to draw.

We always seemed to be stopping for food after we went in the cars.

Shannon enjoying her drink from Baskin Robbins as we are about to go on the road again.

Scott had been camera shy in the beginning, but now he is trying to communicate with Aliens.

After our first game we headed to get food at one of the fast food restaurants.

We all shared stories about the game and then moved on to the more important stories.

We are back in the cars again.  Off to our next game.

We still had a long time between games, so we laid under the tent that one of the Hawaiian teams had set up and let us barrow.

In Hawaii they say Mahalo instead of Thank you.

Kelly says her nose always burns so she got some surfer sunscreen.  Kerry, Ellen and Missy put some on too.

Ashley Broke her arm during our first game, the doctors didn't figure out it was broken until the day before we were ready to leave.

Getting ready in the stadium, we were excited one of our games got to be in the Stadium.

We took a team picture afterwards to remember the event

For the last game we all spray painted our hair.  Ellen looks a little unsure.

Kelly is trying to multi-task by putting sunscreen on while getting her hair sprayed.

Modeling the new hair style.

Steph and Leana showing off the uniforms.

After all the hairspray was in, we took another team picture.

The Hawaiian girls liked our color so much that they asked to have their hair sprayed too.

Madonna's dad even got into the spirit.

The 5 Seniors walk out to be our captains.

Waiting for Scott to arrive so that we can check in and go out to the beach for the rest of the day.

Kelly, Kerry and Michelle at one of the scenic view points at Diamond head.

There was a great view from the top of Diamond head.

There are always a few who don't obey the rules.

The "sisters" at the top of diamond head with the ocean in the background.

To get to the top of diamond head included lots of stairs. 

There were lots of prostitutes outside, so at night we would watch them.  It became a team thing.


The beach was crowded but it was nice and warm.

On the last night, we were satisfied with all our shopping so we went to the beach.  Kelly is doing a modeling run.

Kelly and Leana wanted to go into the ocean one last time, so they went with their clothes on.

As you can see, the team enjoyed looking at the prostitutes from the balcony.

The day we left, we were supposed to be in the lobby at 5 am to go see the sunrise.  Some of us had tried to stay up all night but ended up falling asleep around 3 or 4.  Some slept on the Lobby floor while waiting for Scott to come.

The sunrise we got up to see.

From another angle, it looks like Annie is holding the sun.  As for Kerry and Annie's clothes, I guess it was just too early to get up

A last picture in the Airplane about to head home.