DHF Summer 2001

We had ranger talks once a week for the campers

The older kids got to do archery.

Kate, does the hay taste good?

The fourth graders and older get to spend the night.  We try and wear them out playing fruit basket upset.

Nina watching from the side

While waiting for everyone to change and get back from dinner, we gave back-rubs

Every group performs a skit. In this one, Marylyn Manson is killing off the happy wildlife

The councilors all goof around later, while the kids get ready for a night hike.

The kids always wanted to go visit Michelle.

The kids favorite animal on the farm were the pigs

All the councilors and interns would line up on the log and do the Can-Can as the kids left on the last day

Enjoying the ride up to the farm in the truck after a long week.

Nina, Nadege, Stella, Me

Jenny, Lizzy (on the floor)

Kate, Astra, Chantelle, Molly