DHF Summer 2002

Before the first day of camp, when we had lots of energy

Socializing before the kiddies arrive.

The name tags were always getting tangled

Ulf loved his birds!

Tricia and Risa, two councilors

The kids get off the bus and put their backpacks down, it can be a little crazy.

All the councilors and interns singing and trying to get the kids to dance along

Justin following his group up to the farm to start their day

Risa leading her group into the farm.

Carla took the kids for arts and crafts

Lee played games with the kids when they finished arts and crafts

This gave the interns and councilors time to relax

Or to sort out problems.

Each group had to do chores, mostly the councilors would do them, 'cause it was hard for some of the younger kids

Jana racking up the goat pen.

Tricia in the sheep pen letting the kids just hang out.

Tricia got really good at catching Hershey and holding her for the kids to pet.

Justin holding Hallie jr. for the kids to pet

Sometimes the kids annoyed us so much we threatened to squirt them with water bottles.  But most the time they wanted to be sprayed

Astra its not that hard, the kids go to arts and crafts when you get to the farm.

On the overnights, all the bags are put into the truck to take them up to the farm.

Mary giving the pep talk in the morning.

The kids sitting quietly waiting for their turn to get food.

Astra, Alice and Jenny serve the food.

The kids getting up in the morning for another busy day.

Mary and me showing the kids how to milk Sophie

The kids are exploring the garden.

Jana and Nina's group eating lunch by the Indian village.