we all got pineapple ice cream at the Dole plantation

Dannie and Ellen with shaved ice

Ellen, Kelly and Galen

We all posed in the DOLE sign after doing the worlds largest maze.

Ellen decided she wanted a green tongue

Kelly got stuck between a green tongue and Kerry eating her Luna bar with the wrapper on

Ellen decided to play with her food.

There was a scary man above Monica at Planet Hollywood

Galen, Katharine, Kerry, Ellen, me and Christine

Kerry and Ellen sharing a strawberry shake

Michelle and Monica share a strawberry shake

Kerry and Ellen decide to reenact Lady and the Tramp.

Michelle, Rachel, Emily, Katharine, Kelly, and Dannie


Monica, Galen, Pam, Ellen, Kerry, and me

both tables at the cheap breakfast spot


Christine, Rachel, Monica, Kelly, Katherin, Mandy, Pam and Scott

Ellen, Kerry, Katherin's mom, Judy, Michelle, Galen and me

Ellen and Kerry

Madonna and Desiree enjoying Desiree birthday cake

Kerry ran out of clean cups so she is using the ice bucket