New Year's 2003


We made confetti to throw up at midnight.

Some people went into the Quistad's Garage to play ping-pong for a little bit...

While other's played Taboo

Kelly had her cousins over, she is holding Veronica

Kerry played her trumpet at midnight.

At midnight people popped poppers and threw up the confetti we made.

The Seniors got together for a group picture.  Steven is getting drunk off apple cider in the corner

Kelly and Ryan

We took another Senior picture. 

Emilie, Kelly, Ryan, Monica, Claudio

Erin, Kristen, Michelle, Me

It started off as a Junior picture, but people just kept adding.

Flavio (bottom corner), Claudio, Patrick, Ann, Lisa, Mitch, Kerry, Alex, Lisa's friend, Jane, Steven

The herd got together for a picture, Jane decided to join in

There was lots to clean up afterwards.

Ryan with Kelly's cousin Flavio