Summer Camp 2003

Some of the kids napped when we got to the top of the mountain

Ryan wanted to melt my water bottle that was full of ice

Soon others wanted to join in too

Ryan coached them on how to do it

The campers enjoyed the view

Some campers rested on the fence

I had to try Ryan's method of melting the ice

Everyone is in their own little world

Here they come down the mountain

Ryan melted somebody else's Gatorade the next day.

The kids all piled onto the old tree stump

They all made funny faces

The counselors plus me went to lunch at Bennihanas on our break

They cook the food in front of you

He made a volcano out of onions and then put oil in to make it smoke

What else do you use chopsticks for besides pretending to be a walrus?

Gathering for the evening skit

Jack and Patrick did the 5 little ducky song

Alice and Cat did the "falling rock" skit

Alice must have put Cat to sleep

The brothers


Serving Breakfast to the kids

Is this the way to eat melons?

Jack and Hallie

Alice with the bunny

Jack and I with two bunnies

Nick is trapped outside the bunny pen

Me Jack, David and Nick in the bunny cage.

Ali is being tortured outside the rabbit cage

We all took a bunny

David has an itchy nose

Patrick is trying to escape from view

The gray bunny gets into a funny position

David, Jack and Ali lay on the kid's sleeping gear

David, Jack, Nick and Ali have unloaded all the gear.

Astra and Hallie

Tiger was feeling very jealous of Hallie

Astra and Hallie

Justin has an electric fly swatter, but prefers to use his hand.

Patrick is armed and ready

The counselors gave Jack his appreciation gift

Alice is handing Erica her thank you

The interns are singing the poems that were written for the counselors

Jack in his old lady costume

Jack just being silly

Justin is able to hold Patrick up.

Slide never gets old