First Week Of Campers

2nd-4th graders

Not sure what's wrong with Ali's Ears

My group sitting on the stage at lunch

Ali and Samantha with half their group

The rest of the group with Theresa

My group making crazy faces on the stump

TJ doing kid's hair

Andrew showing his love towards Clint

All the Crazy hair styles

Alice's group by the Creek

Will and Mia making Face paint

Ali doing Pat's hair

Patrick showing off his new look

Patrick giving us his "seductive" look

Samantha quickly hides Patrick's face

They are all frogs in the bog song


Patrick and Andrew dancing together

Can't finish a week without Queen Bee

Patrick doesn't look happy about that one

Ali patiently watches Patrick dry of

Patrick amazed Ali guessed the right thing to say

Ali getting ready to fire

Ali and Patrick get crazy with chalk at my house

Ali celebrating after Patrick lost to her so many times