Intern Training

Alice and Katie Discussing something over watermelon... not sure what's up with Jack...

Drawing on the tables as they wait for the food to be ready

Most of the summer camp leaders...believe it or not, we are missing a few...

Everyone settling down for food

There was a fight to lick the spatula from the ice cream... Patrick got it all over him

Alice with her cake and Frog b-day card

Mary and Alice with their cakes

Everyone cleaning off their dishes after burrito dinners! Yumm... Ali doesn't look too happy about it though

The night just wouldn't be complete without the Queen Bee Skit

Ali, we know you are blonde... but I think you can count to two

Yes, it is frustrating sometimes Patrick

Patrick is spitting into the hoop Ali made with her hands

Come on Nick, show the enthusiasm


Ali took too much water... got a nice spray

Patrick just went for the mist