We played truth or Dare poker

Kerry acting like ____

Kelly smelling her armpit

Kelly doing the hula while singing the friends theme song

Throwing up the home-made confetti

Happy New Year!

Kerry playing her trumpet

Time for sparklers!

Kerry playing into Lisa's mouth?

Monica wants to light the trumpet on fire

Kerry isn't so sure about the sparker

Monica is trying to steal Marrisa's fire

Kelly and Mon

Not sure what Co is pointing at

The Freshman

Lets play in the street

Back inside for some food

Kerry wants the bowl of spinach dip for herself

Co is plotting who to flick stale cheese-its at

Somebody stole Co's shoe

Maybe if he strangles Mon he'll find it

Now trying to go under the table

There is a look of frustration

Kerry's holding him back

He can't seem to get away

The parents all discussing the 3rd season of 24

Monica has Co now

Co is trying to get past Mon to find his other shoe

Maybe growling will help

Co checking the drawers

He finally found his shoe and is giving Kelly a massage

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