Rainbow Tournament

Hiking Diamond Head




Night Time Activity (and Sunrise)

Shopping and Tattoos

The Dance

We all wore the sarongs the host team gave us.

The dance was for all the soccer teams in the tournament

Galen, Pam and Kelly

Kerry and Mandy sandwich Ellen so she will dance.

Misc. Pictures

Our team had an obsession with cell phones

Laying on the beach tanning

Michelle's drawing from the toy in her kid's meal

Rachel and Kerry with the "gold dude"

The group poses next to the bronze surfer

A night on the beach

Ellen and I won the newly wed game and got Humuhumunukunukuapua'a as our prize

Kelly and Kerry relaxing by the ocean

Kelly, me and Michelle by the ocean

Galen's PRO outfit

We drove along the coast looking for someplace to snorkel... when we got out here there was a memorial for a kid who died.  So we found a different place.

Rachel falls asleep on the rock after a long day of snorkling

Kerry, Katherin, and Pam

Me, Katherin and Pam

Me, Katherin, Pam, Kerry and Michelle

Kelly, Katherin, Kerry, Pam, Rachel and Monica pose while Ellen and Michelle talk in the corner

Ellen and Galen on the Cells.

Kerry and Rachel are focused on signing the cards. Monica and Pam watch them

Kerry with the creator of Roxy.

Dannie, Emily, Christine, Ellen and Madonna take a rest from the sun to play spongebob uno.

Ellen modeling her new style.

My room

The last night's meeting